Staggered Dual Drag Pipes For 1936 - 1947 Knuckleheads

1-3/4" Staggered Dual Drag Pipes For 1936-1947 Knuckleheads
An outside-the-frame front pipe, and a rear pipe that routes in front of the transmission, guarantee classic style and a throaty sound. They fit all 1936–1947 Knucklehead engines.

729 34"-long Slash Cut drag pipes (use Paughco #725D clamps to install)
729A 34"-long Goose Cut drag pipes (use Paughco #725D clamps to install)
729-40 40"-long Slash Cut drag pipes with slider channels
429R Rear heat shield for Paughco #729 series pipe sets (not shown)

Special Notes:
1) Drag pipes are not recommended for use on the street.
2) These pipes have less ground clearance than original equipment and may scrape on hard right hand turns. Do not use these pipes unless the front end is extended at least 4" longer than stock or serious injury may result.
3) See page 247 for P-clamps and frame rail clamps to install these pipe sets.
4) See pages 349-353 for photos of the heat shields for these pipe sets.

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