Custom Oil Tanks For 1965-1986 Stock FL/FX And Paughco 4-Speed Frames

3.5-quart chrome oil tanks for 1965–1986 FL and FX 4-speed models, that provide easy access to the battery, and bolt to the stock mounts. They also fit Paughco stock-style frames. Each tank includes a two-piece front bracket for easy installation, and measures 5-9/16"-tall x 7-1/2"-deep x 12"-wide. The battery compartment is 73/8" wide x 4-1/8"-deep.

746G With 3 threaded oil line fittings

746GT With ‘push-on’ hose barbs for vent and return lines

746GTF With oil filter and ‘push-on’ hose barbs for vent and return lines


Note: Tanks are built to order items with a ship time of 3 - 6 weeks. CHROMED products (oil tanks) may vary or require longer ship times due to our in house chroming process.

Special Notes:
1) Use a Paughco #748H oil filter (OE M 63782-80) on all oil tanks with filters.
2) Paughco 746G-Series oil tanks come with fill er capoil line fittings and seat post bracket as shown.
3) Use a Paughco #800E drain plug (sold separatelyon all Paughco 746G-Series oil tanks.

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