Build Your Own Tank Universal Shells And Components

Now available! All of the parts we use in-house, to build our legendary custom tanks. Choose from seven profiles to create a “one of a kind” tank for your special ride, and then trim to your desired shape…. mild to wild. Assorted mounts and petcock bungs also available. The universal 2-1/2"-wide tunnels can also be trimmed to fit, to facilitate construction of your custom tank.

850SHL Tank shell (sold each)

840SHL Tank shells (pair)

810SHL Tank shell (sold each)

822SHL Tank shell (sold each)

830SHL Tank shell (sold each)

866SHL Tank shell (sold each)

867SHL Tank shell (sold each)

800TNL Universal tunnel (sold each)

800TNL24 Universal tunnel (sold each)

800SB Tank bung – screw type (sold each)

800TM1 Tank mount – large cradle (sold each)

800TM2 Tank mount – 1/2 round univ. (sold each)

800TM3 Tank mount – tab style (sold each)

800TB1 Petcock bung – 1/4 NPT (sold each)

800TB2 Petcock bung – 3/8 NPT (sold each)

800TB3 Petcock bung – 22mm (sold each)


Paughco #'s 810SHL, 822SHL, 830SHL and 850SHL tank shells are sold each, even though it requires two of each number to make a complete gas tank. This is for those customers who may want to use them for some other purpose.

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