Upsweep Exhaust Systems For 1957 - 1985 Sportster Engines In Rigid Frames

1-3/4" Upsweep Exhaust Systems For 1957 - 1985 Sportster Engines In Rigid Frames
Use Paughco #725A clamps to attach these pipe sets to the exhaust ports. Heat shields are highly recommended.

719B2R Straight Cut (includes a Paughco #718N1 hanger bracket)
719B2F Fishtails (includes a Paughco #718N1 hanger bracket)
719B2A Goose Cut (includes a Paughco #718N hanger bracket) shown on bike
719B2S Slash Cut (includes a Paughco #718N hanger bracket)
419F Front heat shield for Paughco #719B2 series pipe sets (shown on bike)
419B2R Rear heat shield for Paughco #’s 719B2R and 719B2F pipe sets (not shown)
419R Rear heat shield for Paughco #’s 719B2A and 719B2S pipe sets (shown on bike)
607FT Clamp-on Mini Fishtail tip for all 1-3/4"-diameter pipes
718N1 Hanger bracket for Paughco #’s 719B2F and 719B2R pipe sets
718N Hanger bracket for Paughco #’s 719B2A and 719B2S pipe sets

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