Shovelhead Shotgun Exhaust Systems For 1970 - 1984 Engines In Swingarm Frames

1-3/4" Shotgun Exhaust Systems For 1970 - 1984 Shovelhead Engines ISwingarm Frames
These pipe sets are for swingarm frames with kick or electric start and swing-out kicker arm ONLY. They are all equipped with slider channels so that you can use a Paughco #718B-1 (sold separately) to mount the front pipe and a Paughco #718J (sold separately) hanger bracket to mount the rear pipe so that they will clear the shock and FXE battery box. A heat shield for the rear pipe is highly recommended.

730D1-40 40"-long Slash Cut drag pipes
730D1M 38"-long Slash Cut muffler set
730D1GM 38"-long Goose Cut muffler set
730D1TM 38"-long Tapered muffler set
730D1MEG 38"-long Megaphone muffler set
718B-1 Hanger bracket for the front pipe on Paughco #730D1 series pipe sets (shown on bike)
718J Hanger bracket for the rear pipe on Paughco #730D1 series pipe sets (shown on bike)
430F Front heat shield for Paughco #730D1 series pipe sets (show on bike)
412D1R Rear heat shield for Paughco #730D1 series pipe sets(shown on bike)


Special Notes:
1) Drag pipes are not recommended for use on the street.
2) See pages 349-353 for photos of the heat shields for these pipe sets.

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