Shovelhead Over The Transmission ‘S’ Pipe Staggered Duals For 1966 - 1969

1-3/4" Over-The-Transmission S Pipe Staggered Duals For 1966 - 1969 Shovelheads
These 3-piece complete exhaust systems feature an inside-the-frame front ‘squish’ pipe, and an overthe- transmission rear pipe to blend nostalgic and contemporary looks on your generator Shovelhead. They fit rigid and swingarm frames with kickstart ONLY, but will not work with the large FLH battery. The muffler sets have slider channels on the front and rear pipes, and the drag pipes have one on the rear pipe only. A Paughco #523-3 mounting clamp is included with all sets (except the drag pipes), and a heat shield is recommended for all of the rear pipes.

713-40 40"-long Slash Cut drag pipes
713GM 38"-long Goose Cut muffler set
713M 38"-long Slash Cut muffler set (shown on bike)
713TM 38"-long Tapered muffler set
523-3 Hanger clamp to install ‘S’ pipe to frame rail on Paughco #’s 713GM, 713M and 713TM pipe sets
424CR Rear heat shield for Paughco #’s 713-40, 713GM, 713M and 713TM pipe sets
(shown on bike)


Special Notes:
1) Drag pipes are not recommended for use on the street.
2) See page 247 for P-clamps and frame rail clamps to install these pipe sets.
3) See pages 349-353 for photos of the heat shields for these pipe sets.

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