DirtyBiker Shovelhead Exhaust

The 2 into 1 upsweep exhaust is truly a classic style that has spanned the test of time. Alphabet and Dick Allen were some of my personal favorites. You see them pop up for sale on occasion and they aren’t cheap. So… we decided to bring it back. There are 3 key points that need to be hit when designing exhaust. Looks, sound and function. This new DirtyBiker X Paughco 2 into 1 hits on all three marks. Our first version is designed to fit Cone Shovel bikes that are in a rigid frame. Forward controls MUST be used with this version. Mid controls and mechanical brakes will NOT work with this design. Be sure that this pipe will fit your application before you buy. We will be making other versions for different applications, stay tuned.

100% made in house at Paughco. 100% American made. 1000% DirtyBiker shit.

No mounting hardware included, you will need to create custom mounting hardware.
T-bolts are included to use with slider channels welded on exhaust system.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding your order and eta status, email the team at paughco@paughco.com and don't forget to include your 4-digit order number.

Free Shipping within the continental United States. 🇺🇸 
Email paughco@paughco.com for international shipping quotes


Heat Shield Part #s

430F (Sold Separately) 

422-1R  (Sold Separately) 


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