Chrome Oil Tanks For Magneto Engines In HD Or Paughco Frames

Choose from three different oil tanks with 4-quart or 5-quart capacities.

Low-profile oil tank for rigid or early swingarm frames. Also fits with 1979-up 4 speed transmissions and aluminum primaries, but does not fit 5-speeds. This oil tank has no battery compartment, and is 1." shorter than the Paughco #746MAG.

746E MAG Side fill tank

Low-profile oil tank for use with steel primaries. This is an excellent oil tank to show off all-chrome transmissions because it has no battery compartment, and is 1-3/4" shorter than the Paughco #746MAG. It has a flat tab in front, and a chain guard and primary tab in the rear.

746E MAG FL Side fill tank

For rigid and early swingarm frames with open belt or steel primaries, and pre-1979 4-speed transmissions. Ideal for big inch engines, because it has no battery compartment for more oil capacity.

746MAG Side fill tank


Note: Tanks are built to order items with a ship time of 3 - 6 weeks. CHROMED products (oil tanks) may vary or require longer ship times due to our in house chroming process.

Special Notes:
1) Use Paughco #800E drain plug (sold separately) on all of these oil tanks.
2) Oil tanks come with fill er capoil line fittings and battery plate (if required) as shown.

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