WannaBrake aluminum 1"

sand-cast aluminum; handlebar master cylinder for 1" diameter handlebars; 

with old-style lever and a ribbed cap; semi polished cast aluminum finish; 

1/2" (12.7mm) piston bore and M10x1.25 banjo bolt; 

Handmade in Germany

•make sure to check if the piston diameter fits what your bike needs. Wrong diameter can result in a non working brake setup. If uncertain, check diameter on the original pump.
•The liquid container is very small and therefore needs to be checked frequently to make sure enough brake fluid is provided at any time as level lowers due to brake pad wearing.
•because the cap/seal are very small, over tightening the cap screws easily can cause a leakage. Make sure not to over tighten them

Now Accepting Pre-Orders. 
 *6/11/21 - 6/25/21
Wannabe-Choppers pre-order and fulfillment details.
•PaughcoParts is currently accepting pre-orders as we wait for our shipment of Wannabe-Chopper products from Germany. 
•*Pre-Orders placed within the next two weeks are expected to be on there way to you by early July! 

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